Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Winter Games - Day 3

I have been busy researching and reading about how to actually cite my sources properly utilizing the tools in my software, TMG and EE. I knew there was a reason why I hadn't done this before. It requires concentration and attention to detail. However, I am on a roll now and my goal is to reach a Platinum medal in this category.

To date :
Category 1 - Cite Your Sources, I have a Bronze medal - included in that citing of 10 sources, was the creation of two custom source types in TMG to properly reflect EE protocols. Whew :)

Category 2 - No progress yet.

Category 3 - Organize Your Research - I have also earned a Bronze medal by completing Task A, but I was on a roll and instituted a new filing system and organized 64 couples family folders. Yippee!! This filing system is color coded and I went one step further and utilized the sames colors in my software. There are five colors, color 1 for myself, my parents and their parents for a total of five couples. Then color 2 is for my father's paternal gdparents; color 3 is for my father's maternal gdparents; color 4 is for my mother's paternal gdparents and color 5 is for my mother's maternal gdparents. I had to make a visual rendition to keep it straight but with the color coding in TMG also, it is much easier to determine who is my direct ancestor. Learned a couple of new tricks in TMG during this endeavor also.

Category 4 - Expand Your Knowledge - I haven't completed any more yet, but I am researching about Google Maps and Google Earth to complete that task.

Category 5 Write, Write, Write - I completed Task E by creating a PAGE on my blog, utilizing the instructions from Blogger Announces a New Pages Features. I imported a graphic of a five generation pedigree chart from my TMG software including pictures. I also completed Task E by signing up for the CYRabbit Carnival which included making a new blog, Dust to Dust GYRabbitt. I applied for Membership into the Association of Graveyard Rabbits which is necessary to participate in the GYRabbitt Carnival. So I have earned a Silver Medal for Category 5

Category 6 Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness- I hadn't initially thought I could compete in this category but I am going for the Platinum in all of these categories so I am throwing caution to the wind and going for it. I completed Task A by commenting on We Tree and Task G by following a new blog, Wild Rhododendron

So for a tally at Day 3, I am at Bronze level in three categories and Silver level in 2.  Thanks to GB Winter Games 2010 for helping me get these tasks done. 

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