Thursday, February 04, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Challenge #5 Using WorldCat

I have used WorldCat in the past and I have find books my local library doesn't have.  I have found books I would like to read but they usually seem to be non-circulating books so I can't utilize Inter Library Loan to get my hands on them.  However, after playing around with WorldCat and also visiting my local junior college library with our local genealogical society, which was Challenge #4 I think, I learned I can also get many of the journals, quarterlies and newsletters published by major genealogical associations.  Actually, you apparently don't get the entire journal or quarterly.  You simply get a photocopy of the article you are interested in.  How great is that??  I have just today ordered several different articles from the APG Quarterly.  It will take a couple weeks to get the articles but I'm good with that.  So, when you find reference to an article in a journal or quarterly that is not available in your local library, use WorldCat and IIL and you can then see the actual article and add it to your own collection. 

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