Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fearless Females - March 2: The Wise Women

These are the Wise Women of my family.
In the front in the middle, the oldest woman, is Mary Dunn Wise, my gt gt gdmother.
Directly to her left and behind her is I think, her daughter Mary Elizabeth Wise Orme, based on family resemblance.
To her right, at her shoulder is a gddaughter, perhaps Effie Bell Moffitt.
In the back row, to her right is Sarah Loranz Wise, her daughter-in-law, my gt gdmother and mother of Genevieve Wise mentioned below.
In the front row, second to the left and tallest woman is my gt aunt Genevieve Wise.
I believe the other women are daughter-in-laws and granddaughters but I am not able to identify them.
This picture was taken sometime in the summer, probably 1914, in Clarinda, Page county, Iowa. 
Mary Dunn Wise was born 9 Feb 1829 and died 6 Mar 1915.


Mary said...

She looks pretty good for being 85 years old and having lived through most of the 19th century!

Anonymous said...

An amazing story!! and very well written I might add..:) cant wait to see what comes next