Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank You For Your Service

On this Memorial Day, May 31, 2010, I want to thank all the men and women of my family, both living and dead, who stepped up and served our country in times of both war and peace.

I will start with the present generation, my two son-in-laws, Earl Ray Garner and Michael Ward Ryan.  Ray, as we call him, served in the Navy and Mike remains in the Air Force.

In the 2nd generation, my husband Gene William Arnspiger served in the Army during the Vietnam War and his brother, Gordon Steves Arnspiger served in the Navy.

In the 3rd generation, my mother Dorothy Marie Wise enlisted in the Army in the WACs and served for the duration of World War II.  My father, Harry Stephen Archer served in the Army and was stationed in the Phillipines

In the 4th generation, my grandfather, Albert Vernon Wise served in the Army in World War I in the 168th Infantry, 42 Division, Rainbow Division, Company G. 

In the 5th generation none of my ancestors were of an age to participate in the Civil War.

In the 6th generation however, several of my ancestors fought in the Civil War including my gt gt grandfather, Henry Stephen Archer Sr who served in the Confederate Army from Mississippi.  Another gt gt grandfather, Joshua Atwood Tilton served in the Confederate Army from Alabama.  Another gt gt grandfather, Anthony Loranz tried to enlist but was told he was too old and thus became a recruiter for the Union army. 

In the 8th and 9th generations, William Anderson served in the Revolutionary War from South Carolina, Stephen Bolender served in the Revolutionary War from Pennsylvania, as did Han Phillip Shinkle.  Paul Pratt Sr and his father Lemuel Pratt served from Massachusetts, Jesse Peck Jr and his father Jesse Peck Sr served from Connecticut. Jesse Peck Sr died of his wounds and disease.

There are probably others to be included in this list and I thank them also, as well as all the wives of these men who sacrificed, survived and raised their families while the men were defending our country.

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Joan said...

Such a strong tradition of service. Thank you one and all.