Monday, October 03, 2011

Month One of My Certification Track

Way back in February of 2011 I wanted to participate in a Family History Writing Challenge.  Unfortunately, life got in the way of that but now in October of 2011 I am starting my Certification Process.  I sent my Preliminary Application in the first part of September 2011.  I have had a month to think about which of my research projects I want to use in my portfolio, which document I will be using for the transcription portion and I have contacted an individual to be my client guinea pig.  On a pro bono basis I will undertake a research project for her with a specific goal and time limit.  This will be on a subject I have done no previous research on.  I am really looking forward to that challenge.

A special maillist is set up for those of us embarking on this journey, to ask questions and provide whatever support may be needed.  Additionally, a six month plan is provided with a suggested timeline.  Even though candidates are given a full year to complete the process, many seem to have much of the work done before the preliminary application is tendered.  This is true in my case.  I have been researching for over thirty years and have been thinking about Certification for three years or more.  So here I go....and I want to chronicle my journey and share my thoughts, insights, crisis and setbacks for myself and maybe for others thinking about taking this huge step.

Now in the first actual active month of this process, Month One, I will reread the first two chapters of Evidence Explained, review Requirement 1 of the BCG Application which includes the Genealogist's Code and what is suggested for my resume.  I have already taken the "Are You Ready?" test from the BCG website and passed with flying colors.  There are additional articles available in the BCG Skillbuilding area which I will also read. The last task for this month will be to write the resume and add it as the first piece of my portfolio.

I am happy to be back to my blog; excited to be actually STARTING the certification process and curious to see where I will be in eight months.


Anonymous said...

My name is Ron Setzer and I am the editor of Root Cellar Preserves publication. We talked at the Jamboree. I would very much like to use your posting of October 3 for our Follow Friday feature on our blog. I believe that the subject would interest many of our members. Thank you in advance. Please email me at

Michelle Goodrum said...

I'll be interested in how the process goes for you. Good luck!