Friday, February 26, 2010

The Games Are Done - Medals Earned

I enjoyed participating in the 2010 Winter GB Games. As a first time competitor I am extremely satisfied with my performance. I will continue to practice the skills I learned and train more intensely for those categories I fell short in.

So here are my totals and the medals I earned:
Category 1 Go Back and Cite Your Sources: 52 sources as well as creating the source type in TMG to match EE - medal earned PLATINUM

Category 2 - Back Up Your Data - I didn't earn any medals in this category, although I regularly back up my genealogy software to an external drive, that is not all of my data so I don't think that counts. I will definately be training on this through the next couple of months.

Category 3 - Organize Your Research - I completed Task A, B, and D - medal earned GOLD

Category 4 - Expand Your Knowledge - I completed all five tasks - medal earned PLATINUM

Category 5 - Write, Write, Write - I completed Tasks B, C, D, E and F - medal earned PLATINUM

Category 6 - Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness - I completed Task A, B, E, F and G. Task E (Participate in an indexing project) I am pretty excited about this. I was visting my local FHL when I spotted a flyer about a Boy Scout trying to earn a "Family Search Indexing Eagle Project badge." He is asking for volunteers and needs 20 new people. It is a four week project. So I Volunteered. I figured two birds with one stone, right? Helping him and completing a task. Medal earned PLATINUM

Total medals earned - 4 Platinum and 1 Gold

Thanks again to Tom and others who sponsor these fun and useful events.

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