Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter 2010 GB Games Medal Update

It has been almost a week since the GB Games began.  Again, I would like to say what a great idea this is; making something that could be tedious, fun.  Kudos to Geneabloggers.  Ok, for my updates.
Cat 1 - I am up to 31 sources cited, based on EE and creating some custom Source Types in TMG to accomodate this.  That puts me at a Gold medal.
Cat 3 - Task B completed. That puts me at a Silver medal.
Cat 4 - Task A and Task E completed (see my word cloud in the right column), combined with previously completed Task B, I now am at a Gold
Cat 5 - I have completed all five Tasks and have earned the Platinum Medal :)
Cat 6 - I have completed Task A and Task G and am at a Silver.

Hoping I will be able to complete my goal of Platinum in all categories.

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